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I used it for sleeping and it helped some but it’s great for airplane sleeping sitting up
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2 words … great app
I have neck problems from hunchback . This has made sleeping so much better !
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This was good for my neck pains from sleeping in the wrong position. It’s comfortable and easy to wear.
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Steve C Sombke
My husband heard about this cervicorrect neck brace that you wear at night that stops snoring. He's a loud bear type snorer! I researched all the many options available here and decided on this one. It is comfortable for him soft and not stiff. But the best part is NO MORE SNORING 😃👍 The first few nights I noticed how quiet it was and realized he was not snoring!! Hallelujah! Thank you for a great product! He's sleeping better as well.. His Fitbit sleep score has been great!
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The cervicorrect neck brace relieves pain and can be used all night while sleeping, or during the day if you are at a desk or sitting for a long time. Greatly eases pain. This is a remarkable product.
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I got this cervicorrect neck brace because I work from home and my neck is always strained, plus I have a crazy habit of popping/twisting it every min even if it hurts my neck/back, I hate that I do that and i try to stop but i haven't had any luck yet except when i wear this and I still try to a little, but so far it has been great for me, it's kinda hard to put on at first, I had my husband help the first two times, but after that I got the hang of it. It supports my head very well and eases the discomfort. So far I love it, I'll continue to use it and update my review in the future as I'm trying to break the habit of twisting/popping my neck.
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A. S. Tacardon
Bought this to minimize snoring ...and it does
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Carlos E Otan
Help a lot to sleep all night
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pamela G.
I have neck and shoulder pain and this neck brace can be adjusted easily to conform to the delicate areas of neck and spine while proving structure.
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Ryan Ruhle
It works, it also kinda looks like you have a nice scarf on.
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I am very pleased with the purchase of this neck brace. It’s very easy to use, and worked great for eliminating my neck pain and fatigue. Added bonus is that it’s pink!
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I got this because of neck pain and once in a while snoring. As a senior (so many of us do not sleep well) I was so surprised it did not bother my sleep comfort. Highly recommend
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Lori Nolan
Affordable effective comfortable neck brace to keep your neck straight while sitting at a desk. Prohibits movement that results in upper back and shoulder strain. You won't "slouch" with this item.
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This cervicorrect neck brace is the best thing you really get a good night sleep it's comfort and another thing if you have problems with snoring please this is what you need.
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Rachel Ferguson
I have a bad neck, arthritis, bone spurs, stenosis, buldging disc's. I Wear this when I'm needing extra support whole drawing or sleeping. Washable sleeve protects it from make- up.
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I bought this cervicorrect neck brace for an unusual reason. I snore when I sleep. I didcovered that you can't snore with your mouth closed.I have been using it for a couple of weeks and is does what I needed it too. It is comforable for sleeping, and wihen it's snugged up, it fits under my chin and keeps my mouth closed. It solved the wife's problem with my snoring and keeps me from waking up with a dry mouth from breathing with my mouth open.There is a happy medium on how tight to cinch it. Too loose and it doesn't keep my mouth closed, and too tight, it's uncomfortable.
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James A. Stampfl
Easy to put on. Comfortable to wear.
Keeps my head up when using my mobile and my tablets. Much less cumbersome to use than an inflatable neck brace I tried previously.
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I was waking up with neck discomfort. I’m certain it is the way I sleep. Wearing this neck brace in bed while sleeping almost eliminated any neck pain I was having. It is very comfortable.
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I was suffering from neck pain due to sitting too long for work. This neck brace is perfect for working from home. it supports the neck especially when I was not aware my sitting position was wrong. It's very light to carry, and it is hard enough to hold your head at the right position.
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Helped prevent dry mouth when using nasal cpap by keeping my jaw propped up. Tried a bunch of other solutions without luck.
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