About Us

Welcome to CerviCorrect Neck Brace

We are proud to offer CerviCorrect Neck Brace, which is developed by a group of physical therapists using CerviCorrect Alignment Technology. CerviCorrect is a soft collar designed to prevent your neck from tilting forward or your jaw from moving backward during sleep. This can offer you relief from neck pain, reduce snoring, and support proper neck alignment, making your days and nights more comfortable.

Our Mission

CerviCorrect is here to make sure you get the restful sleep you deserve. We know how neck pain and snoring issues can mess with your sleep, so we’ve come up with this innovative neck collar to tackle the problems head-on. 

Our goal is simple: provide a safe, easy, and effective fix for neck pain and snoring. 

The ergonomic design of the CerviCorrect neck brace, including features like the under-jaw support and the curved rise at the back, ensures that the neck is supported in a way that helps prevent the airway from becoming obstructed. Obstructive sleep apnea, a condition closely related to snoring, can be caused by the forward bending of the head or backward seesaw motion of the jaw and tongue in a supine position. By limiting these movements, the brace can help keep the airway open during sleep.

Who is Behind CerviCorrect Neck Brace?

Claudia Owen is the founder of CerviCorrect Neck Brace. She has over a decade of experience in physical therapy.

CerviCorrect Neck Brace

She is a Montana native who graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Performance, followed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Montana.

Before founding the CerviCorrect, Claudia provided inpatient physical therapy at St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Hospital, specializing in neurological and orthopedic conditions.

With a passion for neurologic rehabilitation, health and wellness, and chronic pain care, Claudia brings a comprehensive approach to treating neck pain and enhancing patient well-being. Outside of work, she enjoys outdoor activities with her family, embodying a holistic approach to health.

Why Choose CerviCorrect Neck Brace?

  • Adjustable Design: With a non-stick hair strap design, you can easily adjust the tightness to your preference. Remember not to overtighten; it doesn’t need to fit perfectly but snugly around your neck to provide moderate support.

  • Memory Foam Comfort: Our neck brace features memory foam and the latest filling technology, ensuring high resilience and comfort. The luxurious memory foam filling with 5-second return technology conforms to your neck’s curve, offering adjustable tightness. Its 3-layered curve design evenly distributes strength and reduces pressure.

  • Long-lasting: The outer layer of the brace is removable and washable for easy cleaning. Made of breathable cotton fabric, it’s soft, elastic, and skin-friendly, absorbing sweat to keep you comfortable during your travels.

  • Premium Quality: Crafted with top materials and exquisite workmanship, our neck collar is lightweight yet provides pain relief without limiting your mobility. The surface material is flocking fabric, which absorbs sweat quickly, keeping your neck dry and odor-free. Its skin-friendliness ensures comfort even with continuous use, helping to keep your neck cool.

  • Versatile Day & Night Wear: Whether at home, the office, or on the go, our neck brace for sleeping provides adaptable support 24/7. Its ergonomic design and soft materials make it perfect for restful sleep and daily activities.

Buy CerviCorrect Neck Brace

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